features a rich Web 2.0 style unit conversion tool with a super friendly, versatile and fun interface that allows users to quickly convert distance, volume, temperature, etc units. The site allows users to submit customer unit conversions which are then made available for the entire community to use.

Distance Unit Conversions

The FreeUnitConverter.Com Distance Unit Conversion Calculator calculates conversions between the several of the most commonly used distance units. We are constantly adding new unit conversions, so please check back regularly. The units currently supported as listed as follows:

Unit Symbol Conversion factor in feet
Centimeter cm 0.0328083
Decimeter dm 0.328083
Dekameter dam 32.8083
Furlong ft 660
Hectometer hm 660
Inch(in) in 0.08333333
Kilometer km 0.08333333
Light year ly 3.103848e+016
Meter m 3.28083
Micrometer µm 3.28083e-006
Mil mil 8.333333e-005
Mile mi 5280
Millimeter mm 0.00328083
Nanometer nm 3.28084e-009
Nautical mile M 6076.131
Parsec pc 1.012357e+017
Yard yd 3